Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where ya been?

Yeah I know, its been a while, shut up.

First of all, I know some of you have talked to me about how hard its been to post comments. I made some changes to the settings on the blog, you should be able to comment much easier now.

So where've I been? Between taking care of children, working, and grinding, I just have not had the time to get on here and update. No worries though, I should have a bit of time this weekend to go over my february results and March goals. So check back here soon for that.

I just had a quick second to jump on, cause I wanted to put down to writing something going through my mind. Last night was bad. I made two terrible plays late in a tournament that have been wearing on my mind the past 12 hours or so. These kinds of mistakes are what are seperating me from acheiving the results that some of the other students have acheived to this point. The leaks must stop, and they must stop soon. Regardless of whether anyone else is, I myself am losing patience in mistakes. Yes, when you start something new there is generally a learning curve, but after a full quarter, my mistakes should be lessening to the near nil point.

Tonight I get back into a more simplified grind. I've been attempting to add more tables recently and I think it has added a bit more to the mistake log. Tonight I scale back to 9-tabling and providing complete concentration to making the correct play, especially in the late game. No longer will I feel bad about my play. Playing well and losing is one thing. Playing like shit and losing is a completely different monster, and I won't stand for it.

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