Monday, January 18, 2010

63 days

What's so special about 63 days you ask? I started working with Nick on November 16th, 63 days ago. Tonight is my first break from the tables, I played in some capacity for 63 consecutive days, and I have a lot to show for it, a lot learning completed, and a small but nice profit so far to show where my hard work is getting me. I will be moving up to the next level of stakes soon, and I expect to see my profits jump significantly at that point. Tonight though, I take a break, not through laziness or burnout, but because sometimes the cards and the game scream at you to take a break. After a small rough patch of cards, I decided tonight, it will be best to let the deck lie. I expect to get back into things tomorrow in earnest, and let the deck hit me square between the eyes. The best thing about my downswing right now though is that I still feel like I am making the right play almost all the time. I have my mistakes, we all do when we start playing more tables and really learn how to balance our thoughts, but more often than not, the correct play is being made. If the deck misses me, so be it, the cards will come around. And I'll be there to catch them.

Just not tonight.

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  1. hey matt, just stumbled onto your blog through nick rainey's. i'm on his wait list for coaching but i see you are from TN. what city are you in? i'm always looking to meet new poker players from here, i'm in knoxville.