Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well now I HAVE to update. + January results

So January has come and gone, and I didn't update my blog nearly enough. For those of you close to me who never get emails, or facebook responses, or e-cards, or basically anything that has to do with getting on the computer and typing, you know that it doesn't happen very often. It just so happens that a blog does require both getting onto a computer and typing, so keeping it current is a fair struggle for me, though something I'm really going to try to start doing in the spaces after I complete my sets. At that point, Ill be able to have some reflection and go over whatever is on my mind at the time. It may cost me an extra 10-15 minutes of sleep, but sleep is overrated anyway.

As for my title this time around, I got linked on Nick's blog at, and so i figured I should really start keeping this up in earnest, as I may have some more visitors to my little corner of the interweb.

Good news is that I have finally figured out how to post pictures. So, once I get home I will be able to post my first graph and show how I did for the month of January. The most important number that you'll see isn't how much my total profit was, (as judging your play based on total profit is useless) but the number of games I played. That's right, I met my 1000 game goal, and was very excited to do so. I kept my ROI at a very respectable level while doing so, so I was very happy with my results this month.

February, I have been set forth a very ambitious goal by Nick of 1000 games. Two days into the month, I have a respectable 70 games completed. At this pace, I would finish at just under 1000 games. However, with some free time on Fridays and Sundays, I should be able to kick it into high gear and complete the 1000 games.

February is a very important month for me. Maybe this is just in my mind, but I feel that this month will really set the bar for my future in the game. My focus will be 100% upon my poker game during every free minute that I have, I am studying, preparing, and analysing upon completion because I want to get better. By the end of the month, I expect to be at the next level of games, and the next level is the one where playing for a living can become a reality. I am very excited about my possibilities, and feel very confident in my game right now.

That's all for now. With my new found internet skills, Ill have my graphs up tonight.

Until then.


  1. You are gonna be busy then...what with both your kids bdays and mom & dad's visit. Good luck!

  2. You got that right. Luckily, I'm able to get a lot of work done while the world sleeps. Even better, it allows me to play against Eurodonks.