Thursday, November 26, 2009

Poker, Thanksgiving, and the Best wife in the world.

So its late. Again. Welcome to my life, where sleep no longer means what it used to. Not that I'm complaining. I come home every night, spend some time with the wife, and play poker for a few hours, meet with my coach and LEARN.

The amount of info that I am absorbing is astounding to me, and I cannot wait until I have the ability to put in enough games to really make it show.

Thanksgiving is stressful and busy, but still nice and always great to have some really good down home cookin.

What made my Thanksgiving so great? The night before recieving an easly christmas present from the greatest wife in the world. Gone are the days of trying desperatley to make even 4 tables fit on my monitor. I recieved a beautiful 23 inch widescreen. It shows just how much Lisa really supports my efforts in this poker thing. I think she wants it to succede just as much as I do, and that more than anything will give me the drive to be the best.

Anyway, its 1 o clock, and my employer becons me at 8 for BLACK FRIDAY.

Pray for me.


  1. Your wife seems like the best!

    That 23" is going to make playing easier and more enjoyfull. Happy thanksgiving man!

  2. BEST ENTRY EVER! ;) No really, very well written and entertaining..."down home cookin" lol. You're welcome!!

    The Wife

  3. Couldn't agree more...sounds like you have a GREAT wife, and extremely supportive! The bigger monitor helps out tons..wasn't all that long ago that I got myself a 22"widescreen...of course I'm running dual monitors and have another 17" flat panel right next to it ;)